GoogleMap control polyline sample.
A simple demo adding polyline to map and client handler for polyline click event.

For full api documentation about polylines read here ...

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<div class='map-wrap'>
    <map:GoogleMap ID='GoogleMap1' runat='server' Width='640px' Height='600px' Latitude='42.1229'
        Longitude='24.7879' Zoom='7' CssClass='map'>
    <map:GooglePolyline TargetControlID='GoogleMap1' runat='server' StrokeWeight='10'
        OnClientClick='handleClick' Clickable='true' Geodesic='true'>
        <map:LatLng Latitude='42.14304' Longitude='24.74967' />
        <map:LatLng Latitude='42.69649' Longitude='23.32601' />

<script type='text/javascript'>
    function handleClick(sender, e) {
        alert('Polyline clicked at lat: ' + e.latLng.lat() + ', lng: ' + e.latLng.lng());